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Internal regulation

The objective of this regulation is to establish the conditions for the stay of tourists in the Casa Chilia Resort & Spa Guesthouse. They apply to all tourists, who accept by themselves the fact of their accommodation in the guesthouse and must comply with them without limits or reservations. As Hosts, we want you to have a pleasant stay in our guesthouse and we assure you that we will do our best to ensure that all the services offered meet your requirements. In order for our efforts to ensure you the best accommodation conditions, comfort and privacy, to be preserved for your eventual return to us, please strictly observe the following rules:

  1. Accommodation in the guesthouse is done at the reception, presenting the identity card for registration in the guest register and for the release of the key to the reserved room.
  2. Check-in starting at 15.00, check-out at 12.00
  3. The standard accommodation/room capacity is two people.
  4. Breakfast takes place between the hours: 8.00 - 10.00
  5. Do not use towels for: wiping dyed hair, removing make-up, cleaning shoes, suitcases, floors, etc. To be used only for body use!
  6. Do not throw paper and other objects into the toilet that could lead to damage to the sewage network.
  7. The handing over of the key after the expiration of the reserved period will be done only after the room has been checked by the pension staff.
Is prohibited :
  1. Smoking and vaping in the rooms and in the other spaces of the guesthouse, with the exception of specially designed spaces, the courtyard and the garden.
  2. Damage to the objects of the boarding house, otherwise the responsible parties owe the Commercial Companies the value of the damaged object, the labor and any losses caused by the suspension of the room rental activity during the repairs.
  3. Leaving the house with objects from the house.
  4. Disturbing other tourists.
  5. Access to the spaces intended for the boarding house staff.
  6. Access to the boarding house for people who are not accommodated, if they have not been notified to the administrator.
  7. Food preparation and consumption in the room, food consumption is allowed only in specially arranged spaces.
  8. Throwing cigarette butts in places other than ashtrays or specially arranged places.
  9. Access to large electrical consumers, hotplates, radiators, air heaters, kettles in the guesthouse! If you need it, ask the administrator. Any damage caused by the malfunctioning of electrical devices introduced in the guesthouse premises, including chargers, phone batteries, tablets, etc., are your responsibility.
  10. Loud sounding both inside and outside the guesthouse, or at times that disturb the other tourists staying in the guesthouse.
  11. Excess alcoholic beverages, moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and avoidance of being in public spaces in an advanced state of intoxication is recommended.
  12. Access with pets.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant stay!